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The Founder

The Founder

Dr. Ali El Sharkawy, the founder of

Shago e.K.
   - The Bridge to the Middle East -

has been living in Germany for over
20 years.

After graduating in Egyptian studies from the University of Hamburg and completing a commercial training, he worked as a sales representative for a German machine-tool company and as an employee of an German foreign trade association.
He has published various articles about Egypt in the investment guide (Investitionsführer Naher Osten 2000, published by F.A.Z.) and "Wirtschafts-Forum Nah- und Mittelost. He has also established close contacts to decision-makers in the field of business and politics, plus important individuals working in embassies and Chambers of Commerce.
All this experience has given Dr. El Sharkawy a deep insight into the workings of the German and Middle Eastern markets.