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Mostafa Said Ahmed (right center), First Under Secretary Minister of Economy & Foreign Trade, Head of Egyptian Internationl Trade Point in Cairo, on a visit to Hamburg in March 2003. Here shown together with the Egyptian Ecocomic Ministry Representative in Hamburg, Alaa Khalil (front right) talking to Heinz Dickmann (front left) from the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and
Dr. Ali El Sharkawy (behind).

Mahmoud Ali Khasawneh, Chief Information Officer of the Ministry of Post and Communications in Jordan, talking to Dr. Ali El Sharkawy in the course of an economic conference in teh Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt. This conference was held for a Jordanian delegation of finalise arrangements for King Abdullah of Jordan's visit to Germany on October 22, 2001.

Mohamed Said Saleh (second from right), Chairman of General Organization for International Exhibitions & Fairs in Cairo und Chairman of Egyptian Export Promotion Center, on a visit at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in May 2003.

Khaldun Abuhassan, Chairman of the Jordanian German Business Council (left); Dr. Karin Zeni, Managing Director Foreign Trade and Wholesaling of the Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main (center left);
H. E. Dr. Fawas Al-ZuŽbi, Minister of Information and Telecommunications Technology of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (center right); Dr. Ali El Sharkawy, Shago e. K.
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